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The Ijaw youths, who spoke through their president, Udengs Eradiri, at a meeting with the Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta, Kingsley Kuku, in Abuja, called for a peaceful election devoid of blood shedding, insisting that it is the right of the Niger Delta to also have an eight-year term.

“The President has the right to contest. As Niger Delta people, we don’t believe that we should shed blood for 2015. The works of the President are enough manifesto. Those calling for battles and bloodshed should desist,” Eradiri said.

According to him, President Jonathan should not come home if he fails to contest the 2015 elections. “He should complete our tenure of eight years.”

Eradiri also used the opportunity to call on Niger Delta states as well as the international oil corporations to contribute their quota to the amnesty programme because they are the biggest beneficiaries of its resultant peace translating into higher production and revenue. He urged states to float similar programmes that will ensure that youths are trained. He also urged
the oil companies to train youths in the areas of their institutional needs so that employments can be provided for the people.

Lauding Kuku for the success of the amnesty programme, Eradiri said, “the programme has taught our people how to fish. We are happy. You
have made us proud.