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The Ijaw Youth Council IYC at the instance of the National President Engr. Comrade. Udengs Eradiri held a Crucial  meeting with all Stakeholders, the Ijaw Youth Council of the  Zone, Ekpetiama and Gbarain Clans, Opinion leaders, Women Groups, students community and security agencies  at Polaku Community, Yenagoa LGA, Bayelsa State, on the 4th of June, 2015. At the end of the meeting ,  the following resolutions were reached.

  1. That the community must first and foremost be considered for  all forms of employment

  2. That the Procurement Contracts ie    fabrication ,welding , Catering etc,  should be given to the community    contractors as contained  in the Nigerian Content Act.

  3. That in cases where some of our community welders, for any  reason fails to pass the welding test,instead  of being denied such job placement, they should rather be given the opportunity to  work as helpers to the Welders  in order to enable them perfect their welding skills .

  4. That the training and skills acquisition in ICT and other areas must be provided by the companies to enable them understudy and fit in properly into the projects with time as contained in the Nigerian Content Act.

  5. That all students in clans where facilities are sited should be given exclusive rights to Industrial Attachment Programmes  to provide them the ample opportunities to acquire work and field experience which would make fit in easily for job opportunities from time to time . The                 Companies should also as a matter of urgency, provide both local and international  scholarships for youths within their area of operations to pursue their academic careers. 

  6. That SPDC must honour and implement the agreement reached with Gbarain Youths Federation, Government and CBD as it concerns the Gbarain Mega Water  project, Gbarain Draining Project and Youth Employment

  7. That the President of the Ijaw Youth Council Worldwide, alongside other members of the committee set up at the meeting foremployment will visit the companies for a proper head count if the these resolutions are not implemented by the concerned companies within the next two(2 )weeks

  8. That illegal selling out of Job chances by CLO's and Community representatives should cease  henceforth as anyone caught will be decisively dealt with.

  9. That the Ekpetiama Chairman Mr. Mienseifa Bideigburu has been suspended indefinitely from the council for gross misconduct   and the Vice Chairman Mr. Kenneth  now assumes office immediately as the acting chairman pending when Parliament would consider the resolutions reached herein.

Flowing from the foregoing, We further reiterate  that we will continue to engage Cooperate bodies, Government and Multi-nationals in line with our resolve to create economic empowerment for Ijaw Youths and ensure the people in the communities where these companies operate  are not sidelined or marginalized in any form.

Finally,  If the said companies fails, neglect  or deliberately refuses to comply with our resolutions, the Council would be left with no other choice other than to stop the operations of the companies in these areas.


Comrade Engr. Udengs  Eradiri

President, IYC worldwide


Amakoromo Ebiuge James

Sec. General Gbarain Youth Federation

Hon.Comrade Fred Afoegba -

Chairman Employment and Capacity Building Committee


Igbila Sunday

Kolo Creek Ogbia - Committee Member


Daniel Preebi  Eyenghe

Gbarain Clan Rep/ Comittee Member


Kuronakiagha Owei

President Ekpetiama Youth Federation